​​​​2016 Dodge Challenger R/T
​​Someone hands you the keys to a car, they say its brand new, just left the lot. It's yours but there's a catch... It's purple. 

In 1969 Chrysler dropped their new line of high impact colors as a bold move to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Featuring colors like sublime green, Panther pink, and top banana to name a few. In 2010 in honor of the challengers 40th anniversary Chrysler once again hit the streets with their prized high impact colors. Continuing tradition Chrysler has slowly been reminding us of the muscle car glory days, by releasing new cars with insane engine packages and calling them by there rightful names as we remember from the 60's and 70's. One thing hasn't changed, absurd amounts of horse power for a price you can't argue with. 

For just $45,485 you can drive away with the 2016 Challenger 392 HEMI SCAT PACK SHAKER. Brembo Performance brakes, SRT tuned bilstien high performance suspension and active exhaust are all standard on the SCAT PACK Challenger. Understandable when you realize the 392 is a 6.4L HEMI, capable of 0-60 in 4.2 seconds. Chrysler designed a purpose built track car and made it street legal. Based off the classic 1971 features they sculpted the 2016 challenger. Carrying all the latest and greatest electronics Electronic stability control, all speed traction control, hill start assist, rain brake support, ready alert braking are just a couple of the long list of safety features this car has to offer. 

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better the SCAT PACK SHAKER package delivers the infamous shaker hood and intake along with badges decals and shaker dash plaque. The front grill, fuel filler cap, and rear spoiler are all finished in black for a sleek look. The 20" polished aluminum wheels are wrapped in a optional 3 season performance tire for all the traction you can get. 

Under the hood
Sticking through the hood is the iconic shaker intake, allowing the massive 6.4L V8 to breath cold outside air. The 6.4L HEMI creates a outrageous 485hp and 475 ft lbs of torque, paired with the Tremec 6 speed manual transmission. From the factory this monster of a car runs a 1/4 mile drag strip in just over 12 seconds, Crossing the finish line at a 112 mph putting fear in eyes of the poor guy who dares to line up next to you. The 6.4L engine in the challenger was never intended to be a fuel efficient family car, after buying the car and signing the paper work you accept a $1000 gas guzzling tax. In the city maintaining 14 mpg you'll pass everything but a gas station, on the highway the car does surprisingly well with 23 mpg averaging around 17 mpg all around.

What's inside
The SHAKER package includes the best of everything from heated and vented leather seats with the shaker name embroidered on the back. To a heated steering wheel wrapped in leather.  The 7" lcd head unit with reconfigurable display is the home of the " media hub " dual zone automatic climate controls and optional navigation system with HD radio using 6 premium speakers. dual zone automatic climate controls. 

MSRP: $45,485 ( as tested )
engine/ transmission: 6.4L 392 HEMI / 6 speed manual Tremec transmission
output: 485 hp / 475 ft lbs of torque 
Mpg: city 14 / highway 23 / average 17

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