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2016 Ford F-150 ​

The 2016 Ford F-150 features a game-changer in the full-size pickup truck market, an incredible option called Pro trailer backup assist, a U.S. industry first technology that lets you steer the trailer where you want it to go. We discussed this awesome new feature and several others during an interview with Brandt Coultas, F‐150 Consumer Marketing Manager for Ford Motor Company.

If you’re like me and never mastered the fine art of backing up a trailer, then you’re going to love this new innovation from Ford. Let’s face it, backing up a trailer can be a frustrating, tension-filled exercise especially with an inexperienced spotter like your girlfriend or wife.

In a nutshell, your truck’s front wheels have to be turned the opposite direction you want the trailer to go. Turn too hard and the trailer jackknifes, resulting in your fist pounding the dashboard.

Well, the engineers at Ford have come to the rescue, designing the innovative Pro Trailer Backup Assist for the 2016 Ford F-150, making it easy for novice and experienced drivers to back a trailer down a boat launch or into a parking spot. It works by letting the driver steer the trailer instinctively while the truck takes care of the rest. While using the reverse camera to watch the trailer, the driver takes their hands off the steering wheel and simply turns the Pro Trailer Backup knob left or right to steer the trailer. The truck steers itself, placing the trailer where you want it to go.

Pro Trailer Backup is the latest example of Ford changing the way the world moves. For more information, visit

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