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2016 Ford Mustang GT​

   The 2016 mustang screams in your face. The California Special package sets this car aside from your basic GT. The bold competition orange paint stands out on any corner. The deep rumble from the classic 5.0L engine Will make you reminisce in old memories or be the start of memories to come.

The car that revolutionized the automotive industry, and still continues to set the bar for sports cars today! The California special features a bold paint job and unique decal kit that emphasizes the perfectly sculpted body lines. Also included is the California special floor mats, leather trimmed seats and a sporty rear spoiler. The rear end has optional 3.31 gears for harder acceleration and tire screeching excitement. The mustang has three driving modes normal, sport, and track that control drivability aspects of the car like electronic stability control and engine limiters depending on your skill level for when you're on the track. You can also Select between three different steering assist settings that best suits you for the ultimate driving experience. 

This lightweight and powerful package by ford is well worth the money. For only $41,375 (as tested) this model won't leave your pockets empty. The mustang in a side by side comparison is easily the better choice for the daily driver or even the gear head who wants to take the car out to the track on the weekends. Everything from the gauge cluster to interior accessories are eye catching yet simple to understand and use. Perfectly blending new technology and original styling we've seen since the 60's.

Under the hood
We have a impressive 5.0L V8, the engine block is made from aluminum for lighter weight and better cooling. Dual overhead cams move independently at high rpm for better efficiency and higher horse power. The 6 speed manual transmission gives you full control over gear selection. A limited slip rear end and smaller gears deliver the power to the ground in a hurry. The 5.0L engine puts down respectable numbers, 435 hp and 400 ft lbs of torque. Although those may not be ground shaking numbers In a nimble machine like this your competition will have trouble keeping up. You have more than enough power to spin the tires off and keep the rear end hanging in the next lane. Whether you're using sport mode on the track or driving home under normal conditions, the car maintains fair gas mileage. With 15 mpg city and 25 mpg highway it has an average of 19 mpg. 

On the inside
Traditional styling with top of the line electronics. The information center incorporated in the gauge cluster displays trip details as in current mpg and drive times, reminds you of upcoming maintenance, and alerts the driver about unsafe and possibly damaging vitals while the engine is running. You have the option of using the old school rotary dials or just above is the 8" lcd head unit where you can select between climate control, apps like navigation, link your cell phone for hands free calls and txt message notifications. Connect to the 12 speaker sound system with your mobile device using Bluetooth or tune in on local am/fm/xm radio stations to enjoy the clean and crisp acoustics that are unheard of in a car like this. The Mustangs leather trimmed upholstery is complimented by a subtle orange ambient lighting throughout the interior and was executed perfectly. 

MSRP:$41,375 ( as tested )
Engine/transmission: aluminum 5.0L V8/ 6 speed Manual transmission 
Output: 435hp / 400 ft lbs torque 

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