• 9:47

Talking Snowboards 

with Nick Gilson of Gilson Snowboards

All Gilson snowboards feature patent-pending RCR (Raised Central Region) and Soft Edge Technology - two ground-breaking evolutions of snowboard design that will change how you can ride. Together, these innovations are a snowboard with a new level of acceleration, maneuverability, and all-mountain versatility.

RCR "Raised Central Region"
Whereas standard snowboards have a flat bottom, Gilson's RCR creates two skis along the bottom of the board. In hard-packed snow you ride "up on your skis," reducing contact with the snow and your drag. In soft snow or powder, the RCR makes full contact, allowing you to float. Now, no matter the terrain, one board lets you do it all.

Soft Edge Technology
The steel edges on a Gilson snowboard are raised up off the snow – the soft edge can be used to turn, butter, drift, and surf the snow. The soft edge also allows you to ride comfortably in the flat position with less chance of catching an edge. Leaning beyond the soft edge engages the steel edge and initiates a full carve. With control of how you move and when you make steel-to-snow contact, a ride on a Gilson snowboard is way more playful.

Signature Pro: For the park rat who loves to hit rails and jumps, this is your board. Because of the s-curves that result from our RCR technology, our boards are the strongest snowboards on the market. With greater strength, we can make our boards thinner and more flexible while still maintaining that springy pop.​