NBC Sports Radio's Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Trying to find the perfect toys and games this holiday season? Here is NBC Sports Radio’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids. First up …

Zoomer Chimp
Go bananas with this life-like primate that knows more than 100 tricks and different voice commands. He balances and moves like a real chimp — upright or even on all fours. This unpredictable chimp has real facial expressions complete with light-up eyes so you know how he feels. Zoomer Chimp is untamed fun. Your new favorite primate listens to voice commands and knows over 200 sounds, including “Do a flip” and “Go bananas!” $90; www.spinmaster.com

Mobo Mega Mini
This roll-to-ride three-wheeled cruiser is suitable for children 2 to 5 years old, providing hours of outdoor fun. The Mega Mini is the perfect combo, making a toddler’s riding experience more fun than ever. Its extendable frame grows with kids, taking them through multiple riding stages: from mom or dad giving a little boost with the detachable push bar, to parent-assisted pedaling, and finally to independent riding. The Mega Mini features a sturdy, adjustable frame, comfortable seat, chainless chassis, and never-flat rear tires. $299; www.mobocruiser.com

LeapStart Activity Book System
Tap into big fun with this amazing, all-in-one Learning System for Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten kids. It’s jam-packed with key school and life skills for curious two to four year olds. The system includes a sampler book and works with a library of replayable activity books. The LeapStart Interactive Learning System helps build key skills and challenges them to get ready for their next step in learning. Get kids excited about everything from counting to creativity, phonics to problem solving, and shapes to social skills. $29.99; www.leapfrog.com

Dinotrux Reptool Controlled TyRux
It’s Dinotrux fun with best buddies Ty Rux and Revvit, who come to life with five modes of motorized play and over 40 sounds and phrases inspired by the TV show. In Find Revvit mode, place the remote control within an eight-foot distance of Ty Rux, and watch as he scans the area to find his buddy. Press the Dance button to see Ty move to the groove with some sweet dance moves. $49.99; www.shop.mattel.com

Tinitell Mobile Phone for Kids
Tinitell is a wearable mobile phone for kids, with voice calling and smart location features. Many critics say technology has reduced kids’ time playing outdoors. Tinitell actually enables kids to play outside more, making it far easier for parents to communicate with them. Tinitell is operated through the click of a button. The more advanced features have been moved into the accompanying Tinitell app for parents, which can also be used to geo-locate kids. $149; www.tinitell.com

Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon Waterpark
This sandbox with water features turns your backyard into a miniature water park. This toy has lots of integrated activities to keep children involved. Kids can race the characters down the twin waterslides and laugh as characters jump off the twin diving boards. The Sandy Lagoon Waterpark also promotes hand-eye coordination, active play and social play. $49.99; www.littletikes.com

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Battle Truck
The Turtles are locked down and ready to roll out and meet their enemies in the Movie Battle Truck by Mega Bloks. Kids can build this garbage truck turned tank and help Mikey and Donnie use it to take down the Foot Clan. Launch the net from the truck’s roof and capture the enemy, send sewer caps flying from the truck’s side launcher, or deploy the moving forklift arms to toss the Foot Soldier out of the way. The truck features real lights and action sounds. $49.99;  www.shop.mattel.com

SmartMax Mega Ball Run
Combining the wonders of magnets and the world of construction, SmartMax created an open-ended construction set that will test a kid’s logic and imagination. Kids quickly learn and the fun escalates as they keep the ball rolling. Tunnels and tubes create crazy twists and turns. The ball disappears through a bright tunnel, rolling in and out, and down the slide. With large, easy-to-build pieces, the SmartMax Mega Ball Run brings safe fun and excitement. $109.95; www.smartmax.eu

Meccanoid 2.0 Personal Robot
Build the 2-foot-tall Meccanoid with the included tools and durable plastic pieces. This personal robot features 6 motors for realistic movement, as well as voice recognition. Meccanoid has three innovative ways to program: learned intelligent movement, Ragdoll mode drag, and drop programming on a smart device. Plus, Meccanoid knows more than 3,000 pre-programmed phrases, tells stories, and excels at robot trivia. $135; www.spinmaster.com

The Moodsters Talking Plush & Activity Book
The Moodsters Talking Plush characters are based on the five lovable Moodsters detectives — Coz, Lolly, Quigly, Razzy and Snorf — that each personify an emotion that all children experience in their everyday lives including happiness, love, fear, anger and sadness. Each plush character features sayings specific to the emotions they represent and comes with a fun and educational activity book to learn about each feeling. $16.99; www.themoodsters.com​

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