NBC Sports Radio's 2018
Holiday Gift Guide for Kids - Top Picks

​​Trying to find the perfect gift for the youngsters? Here is NBC Sports Radio’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids.

by NBC Sports Radio Staff

Air Hogs Extreme Air Board

$39.99; www.airhogs.com
With two ways to fly, the remote-control Extreme Air Board can shred it up as a snowboard-style air daredevil, or carve the skies in Paraglider mode for bigger air and high-flying tricks like a 720 degree spiral. Extreme Air Board comes equipped with Flight Assist Technology such as auto take-off, height lock, and auto-land for easy flying, so you can spend your time mastering epic tricks.

Boxer Robot

$79.99; www.boxerthebot.com
This interactive AI robot buddy is jam packed with personality. Boxer features a lively personality right out of the box, but he’s got dynamic moods that evolve over time. With his included game cards, ball accessory, IR remote control, and additional games that unlock the more you play with Boxer, the fun is endless.

Real Workin’ Buddies Mr. Banks
$39.99; www.jakks.com
Education is one of the best gifts of all, and this year JAKKS introduces an exciting new STEM-oriented product to its Real Workin Buddies lineup. Mr. Banks is a personal ATM … Armored Truck Machine … that counts, sorts, and stacks coins. Use his motorized mouth to eat bills and keep them safe. Use his keypad and LCD screen to keep track of savings. Kids and parents will love Mr. Banks as he makes it fun to learn about money, savings and math.

Really Rad Robot MiBro
$34.99; www.reallyradrobots.com
This mini robot comes with a remote control so you can always put him in the perfect spot to prank, spy and play. Have fun and tell jokes, give commands or talk to your friends from around the corner. Help MiBro practice his soccer skills with the included net and ball, or have him cheer you on with his hand accessory that looks just like a foam finger.

Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Kids Headphones

$75; www.purosound.com
Engineered to have your child in mind, these cutting-edge headphones have a volume ceiling to protect young ears. When children put the headphones on, they will enjoy clear music and vocals at a volume that can’t exceed 85 decibels. Each stylish and comfortable pair features an adjustable headband and cushioned ear pads, plus durable materials to withstand rough play from children.

Jurassic World RC Gyrosphere
$35; www.mattel.com
The sphere-shaped vehicle straight out of Jurassic World inspired this innovative RC vehicle. Recreate the tension-filled scene when a lone gyrosphere remains outside the valley. With the easy-to-use remote control, kids can help the transport vehicle outrun a herd of stampeding dinosaurs. It comes with a kid-friendly, two-button remote control that allows the gyrosphere to drive in all directions. The set also includes a mini Owen action figure.

Jurassic World Thrash ‘N Throw T Rex

$40; www.mattel.com
In the style of the fan-favorite character from the original Jurassic Park, the T-Rex is back and better than ever with exciting action features and authentic sculpting. The Thrash ‘N Throw T-Rex has sound effects like chomping and stomping, an impressive roar and a huge bite. Use its tail to open its mouth and pick up action figures, and then thrash and throw them across the room just like dinosaur action scenes from the movie.

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