Connecting the Ultimate Mancave
After the smart TV and stereo are in place, what are those must-have devices you need to connect and control your ultimate mancave from the comfort of your couch? Let’s talk about getting the most out of your mancave, from connecting your TV to your tablet and controlling electronics from your smart phone. And, new tech in home automation makes it possible to add wireless control to electronics or appliances without hiring a contractor.

Let’s start with some ear candy:
Parrot ZIK headphones $399
This first item is for the audiophile; it’s one of those ultimate mancave must-haves, designed for comfort and amazing sound quality. The Parrot Zik Wireless headphones deliver an immersive soundstage, app-configurable audio playback and an active
noise-cancellation eliminating up to 98% of ambient noise. An intuitive touch sensitive panel and built-in head-detection sensor keep you in total control of your music, without fumbling for buttons.

Let’s talk about connecting the mancave and controlling it through your tablet or smartphone:

Insight Switch/Wireless Home Actuator $49
Turn electronics on or off from anywhere. A fan, a heater, stereo, you name it. If you can plug it in, you can control it. Operates over your existing Wi-Fi and mobile Internet, at home and away. Plugs into regular 120VAC wall outlet. Put your electronic devices on a schedule. Control as much or as little as you want to.

Fire TV by Amazon $99
Fire TV is a small box you connect to your HDTV. It's the easiest way to enjoy Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus,, low-cost movie rentals, games and music. Massive selection—Over 200,000 TV episodes and movies, millions of songs, and hundreds of games.

Logitech Remote $129
Turns Wi-Fi signals from your mobile phone into IR and Bluetooth commands your home theater system can understand, turning your smartphone into your remote control. Anyone in the house can download the app and use their mobile phone as their personal remote. Swipe or tap your smartphone screen to adjust volume, change channel and control playback.

Roku 3 $99
An HD streaming digital media player that allows TV streaming and video streaming along with access to over 1,000 channels. The Roku streaming player has a built-in Ethernet port and wireless networking port. With its remote, the Roku
makes video streaming and TV streaming easy from across the room. You can also enjoy HD video streaming privately via its headphone jack.

Chromecast $35
Set it up with a simple mobile app, and then send your favorite online shows, movies and music to your TV using your  smartphone, tablet or laptop. Plug in and play Get started in 3 easy steps: plug Chromecast into any HDTV, connect it to Wi-Fi, then send videos and more from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your TV Remote free Chromecast works with devices you already own, including Android tablets and smartphones using Android 2.3 and up, iPhones and iPads using iOS 6 and higher,. Browse for what to watch, control playback and adjust volume using your device. You won't have to learn anything new.