The WINBOT is a robot that will clean your windows automatically. Say what? Yes, that's right. A window-cleaning robot. WINBOT removes the risk of cleaning tall or hard to reach windows. Simply place the WINBOT on the glass and press start on the robot or its remote control. WINBOT will automatically determine the size of the window, map the most efficient cleaning path, clean the window and return to where it began for easy removal.

The DEEBOT D7 Series is the world's leading line of self-emptying robot vacuums; providing owners freedom from emptying the dustbin and confidence knowing the robot begins each cleaning with maximum suction.

  • Ecovacs Mike Hecht11:07

Ecovacs in the Mancave

Talking home cleaning robots with Mike Hecht

We love walking with creative people from cutting-edge companies ... like our guest Mike Hecht, the Executive Director of Ecovacs Robotics North America. Never heard of Ecovacs? Well, you will soon enough. Ecovacs Robotics, founded in 2006, is one of the top five brands of in-home robotics worldwide. The company has been awarded 684 design and utility patents. Consumers have purchased its more than 60 million times worldwide, where they can be found in 31 countries on six continents. To say they're making revolutionary consumer products is an understatement. We talked with Hecht about the company, and two amazing products: the WINBOT and the DEEBOT. For more info, visit