IcyBreeze in the Mancave

Tailgating with Marketing Manager Jason Shackleford

September signals the start of football season, but in Arizona it also can be brutally hot on game days, with some afternoons reaching triple-digit temperatures. Now you can enjoy tailgate parties ... as well as camping, boating and other outdoor activities ... even when it's 105 degrees with the revolutionary IcyBreeze cooler.

The world's first portable air conditioner + cooler combo is the perfect way to beat the heat. The IcyBreeze blows a constant breeze of cold air up to 25 miles per hour at a temperature up to 35 degrees below the outside temperature.

For tailgaters, it’s the perfect play! It's great for almost any setting where you need to stay cool. Fill it with a little water, ice and your favorite beverages and let the cold air flow. The self contained rechargeable battery will keep you cool for up to 7 hours on a charge, ideal for not only tailgating, but also outdoor sports, at the lake, camping and more.

If you’re in charge of bringing the drinks for your tailgate party, consider bringing the air conditioning too. The IcyBreeze cooler and portable air conditioner will make you the most valuable partier at your tailgate.

The innovative cooler offers hours of air conditioning relief with a flexi-hose that allows you to direct the breeze in the direction you choose. Inside the cooler, you’ll have 38 quarts of space to fill with your game day favorites.

The fresh cold breeze is generated by a rechargeable battery-powered system, but can also be powered by other electrical sources including wall outlet, extension cord and car cigarette lighter. Tailgaters can use the multi-speed fan and integrated control panel to choose the intensity of the cooling breeze.

The basic IcyBreeze starts at $249, with certain accessories and attachments optional. Visit www.icybreeze.com.

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