iRobot in the Mancave

Talking the Scooba with Craig Henricksen of iRobot​

Scrubbing floors doesn't happen as often as it should. Scooba 450 is the only robot that scrubs hard floors so you don't have to. Run Scooba at your convenience for brilliantly clean hard floors every day, the easy way. Scooba 450 delivers maximum cleaning performance with the Scooba Three-Cycle Cleaning Process, featuring Pre-Soak Technology. Based on professional-grade floor cleaners, Scooba sweeps and pre-soaks, scrubs and squeegees hard floors, eliminating the need to sweep before scrubbing. This process has been redesigned from the ground up to clean hard-surface floors three times better than ever before with even less work for you. Just fill the tank and press clean.

Unlike a mop that just reuses dirty water, Scooba uses fresh solution from start to finish. The dual-compartment tank keeps clean and dirty water separated, so Scooba will never put dirty water back down on your floors.

Scooba 450 is easy to use from beginning to end. With a host of convenience features, Scooba does the tedious work of scrubbing hard floors so you don’t have to, eliminating the hassle of a traditional mop and bucket.

Easy To Fill And Empty
Fill and empty the tank in seconds without fuss with Scooba 450's complete tank redesign. 
Matches Your Cleaning Needs
Scooba 450 has two cleaning cycles, a full 40-minute cycle or 20-minute cycle for smaller spaces. 

Cleans With Water Or iRobot Hard Floor Cleaner
Scooba 450 utilizes water or iRobot Hard Floor Cleaner for a deeper clean to wash away bacteria without the use of antibacterial cleansers. 

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