Polk Audio in the Mancave

Talking great home theater speaker options with Michael Greco, Global Brand Director at Sound United/Polk Audio

     Looking for great speakers for your Mancave to enhance your sports and movie watching experience? Look no further than the sleek MagniFi One from Polk Audio. In designing the MagniFi One, Polk’s engineers focused on keeping the sound bar and wireless subwoofer as unobtrusive as possible. Sitting at just under 2-inches tall, the sound bar houses two 3-by-1-inch full range drivers, built-in critically tuned bass ports and Dolby Digital decoding.

     The MagniFi One features VoiceAdjust technology, which dramatically increases vocals independent of program material and volume level to provide clean, crisp dialogue whether sitting directly in front of the TV or off to the side. With separate controls for Voice, Bass, and Master Volume via a simple easy-to-use remote, listeners can enjoy music, movies and games with unmatched levels of clarity.

     In addition, the MagniFi One features sound bar and subwoofer time alignment, meaning that it recognizes when subwoofer signals are transmitted wirelessly to make measures for the acoustic output to arrive time-coherently.

     We also discussed two great portable speaker options with Michael, the Omni S2R and the Swimmer Duo.
     The Omni S2Rechargeable (S2R) is part of Polk’s Omni Collection, a series of wireless products that allows music lovers to control what they want to listen to from a smartphone, tablet or computer and stream it wirelessly to any and every room of the home.

     Ultra-compact, the S2R is the first portable solution that embodies Polk’s widely respected signature sound, streams music wirelessly from small spaces without power—up to 100 yards away from a wireless router and can synchronize with the Omni collection of whole home WiFi enabled audio. The S2R is weather resistant and ruggedized for casual outdoor use. The Polk Audio Omni S2R now also features Bluetooth connectivity, providing even more options to stream audio wirelessly. 

     The Swimmer Duo features several upgrades to the original design, as well as new capabilities. Wrapped in a silicone casing to withstand hard drops, it now allows two units to be linked wirelessly to create a stereo pair, creating a discrete, more enriched immersive listening experience that pumps out louder and more natural sound.
     To make the Duo even more adaptable, an extra inch was added to the flexible tail attachment, allowing users to securely loop the device to virtually any object, like a paddle, bike handle bar, pole or tree branch. Additionally, the Swimmer Duo’s flexible tail is detachable and can be swapped out with an included suction cup for sticking it to flat surfaces like a window or shower wall.

For additional information, visit www.polkaudio.com.

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