TCL 4K Roku TV in the Mancave

Chris Larson of TCL USA discusses the new TCL 4K Roku TV 

There are a few necessities in the ultimate mancave ... a great sound system, whether stereo or surround sound, mancave games like pool, darts or a pinball machine, a super comfortable sofa and recliner ... and of course an amazing HD TV so you can watch sports and movies on a big screen.

HD television was a game changer when it was introduced two decades ago. Today, 4K HD television is the next game changer offering incredible clarity and vibrant colors that jump off the screen. Most people now get their entertainment from cable/satellite and streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. One amazing new 4K TV stands out from the rest ... the new TCL 4K Roku TV.

‚ÄčThe new TCL 4K Roku TV features stunning Ultra HD 4K picture quality, smart TV technology and more than 3,000 streaming channels and 300,000+ movies, sporting events and TV episodes. The TCL 4K Roku TV is the perfect addition to the mancave, so you can enjoy watching your favorite sports team on satellite TV, your favorite TV series on Hulu and that new blockbuster movie on Blu-ray. 

All TCL 4K Roku TV models include a powerful quad-core processor and feature Ultra HD picture quality with more than 8 million pixels for enhanced clarity and detail. The new TVs also include the proprietary TCL Creative Pro 4K UHD Upscaling Engine, which allows consumers to view 1080p HD content in near 4K quality.

The TCL 4K Roku TV models feature a personalized home screen that places streaming channels alongside other TV entertainment choices, such as a game console, cable box or Blu-ray player.

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