In its design, PONS focused less on soft vs. firm and more on what physiologically matters, achieving optimal pressure point relief with no sacrifices to freedom of movement. The result is an incredibly comfortable and relaxing night of sleep.

PONS didn't stop with an ultra-comfortable mattress. They took it one step further with a brilliantly designed bed frame that works seamlessly with the mattress. With more than 70% of Americans sleeping with their cell phones next to them, it only made sense that PONS engineers created a bed frame with USB ports.  And with no tools and fast assembly, this design is perfect for movers and shakers.

     PONS assembles in minutes with no tools and boasts built-in USB ports for easy charging access, ultra-premium materials, a sleek contemporary design, and the most advanced cooling and comfort technologies throughout. 

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Talking Mattresses

with Ar-iaya Haile of PONS

Americans spend nearly one-third of their lives sleeping in bed. When we purchase a mattress, we're likely going to keep it for 10 years or more. So choosing the right mattress is one of the most important decisions we make ... one that will have a major impact on our daily lives.

Mattress construction has seen a major revolution in recent years and one of the companies at the forefront in terms of materials and design is PONS. PONS designed a high-end mattress that features the coolest foam on the market (PONS foam). The proprietary memory foam layer underneath the top layer is infused with powerful eco-friendly cooling gel and a knit cover wraps around the entire mattress for outstanding breathability.